Hydro Flask Unbound Soft Cooler Tote

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Reviewed By: Amanda Edmonds | @adventuringwithkids


  • Comes in 4 color options including the fun Goldenrod yellow
  • Lightweight and easy to carry even filled with ice and food
  • Comfortable carrying strap and strong side handles for easy lifting
  • Zipper is watertight, I tipped it upside down and no water leaked! YAY!
  • Fits easily on the passenger side floor for road trips
  • Large storage capacity, we fit all our perishable food for a weekend camp trip
  • Super versatile, great for road trips and efficiently packed weekends


  • Ice melted after 1.5 days- But Hydro Flask actually recommends you use their Unbound Ice Pack so it may have lasted longer.
  • I am a bit worried it may get dingy looking after being in the dirt long term.

The Bottom Line: We love this versatile cooler. To test it out we loaded it up with a weekends worth of perishables and spent the weekend in the desert. It fit well in the car and was easy to squish in with all our other gear.  We used regular ice that lasted mostly melted after 1.5 days, but was still extremely cold. We plan to purchase and test out the recommended ice packs for longer lasting cold!

I was pleasantly surprised in how perfect this was for our trip. The Hydro Flask Unbound soft cooler proved itself to be high quality  cooler that we will be using this on many more adventures to come! Highly recommended!