Burley Solstice Jogging Stroller

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Reviewed By: Bevin


  • Easy one-hand collapse
  • There is an automatic clip that keeps the stroller from unfolding once folded
  • Folds flat enough to easily fit in my compact SUV’s  trunk on top of beach gear and scooters
  • Adjustable handle height (my husband is a huge fan of this)
  • Collapses with cup and snack holders in place
  • Easy-access large basket
  • Detachable swivel cup holder and snack cup with lid
  • No tangle harness straps
  • Large wheels for tackling all sorts of terrain with a smooth ride.


  • It’s large and long, making it awkward to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Adjustable handle slips when pulling it up and down stairs
  • The fold button is large and right in middle of handlebar, making a one handed push a little awkward
  • Seat’s recline position seems a bit steep

The Bottom Line:  The Solstice has a smooth ride and push that makes it fun to run with on dirt paths and sidewalks. It’s been great on the beach for low tide walks and standard beach fun. The features are well thought out and functional for both kid and parent. The large cargo basket on The Solstice make this such a useful workhorse of a stroller! Highly recommended.

We use our strollers so much, they become like  members of the family. When it was time for our last one, Bob the BOB, to retire, we replaced him with a Burley Solstice. It was a little intimidating  at first—this stroller is not small or shy. One of the first things I noticed was its size . . . definitely bigger than BOB. It stretches out longer and the wheelbase in back is a smidge wider, but I have to say, seemingly against the law of physics, it folds down and manages to fit in my trunk better than Bob, without even popping off the wheels. Inside the house, we keep it folded down and in its self-standing position (yes it stands up on its own when folded)! The Solstice (aka Solly) quickly made herself at home with the family!

So far I’ve taken Solly on the beach, sidewalks and groomed dirt paths with no drama. Really my favorite thing is that I can walk my son to school pushing my 15-month–old daughter, then go for a jog down to the beach and hit the grocery store on the way home loading her up. The large cargo basket on The Solstice make this such a useful workhorse of a stroller! Whether its beach gear, park gear or groceries packed to capacity and then some, the Solstice still maneuvers great. Solly is great for jogging—it’s smooth, and I sweat and feel exhausted and great, and my daughter gets to enjoy the experience as well—but it does so much more, and in my family, that wins big point. We’ve got a packed schedule and it’s great having a stroller that can keep up!

(TIPS: When you forget the sandscrew for your beach umbrella, slip the staff of the  umbrella between the back of the wheel and side of seat, and it’ll help stabilize it on windy days! Also, you can get a clamp-on chair umbrella and clamp it to the stroller handle, creating a shaded area for play in the park or by the pool)