Burley D’Lite Kids Bike Trailer

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Reviewed by: Lars Reber

As an active family, we need a trailer that can operate several functions. When we got the Burley D’lite trailer, we really put it through the ringer, taking it on all kinds of terrain. Read our review below to see how it held up!


  • Comes ready for biking or strolling and it’s easy to switch modes
  • Collapses easily to haul or store
  • The adjustable suspension provides for a smooth ride on any bumpy traveling
  • Reclining option makes it more comfortable on longer rides
  • New attachments for the front cover makes it quicker and more secure than older models
  • High quality wheels with good tread. They’re also interchangeable with the fatter tires Burley offers
  • The harness and head rest have plenty of padding and are comfortable for kids
  • The seat can be detached, and it can be used as a cargo trailer, we absolutely love this feature
  • One person can move the trailer, setup, and collapse without assistance


  • The first few times we set up the trailer, it took some work snapping the top bar into place but got easier the more we used it.
  • When the seat is reclined all the way, it’s harder to access the storage in the back. But it is also very simple to adjust the recliner back forward.
  • Like any bike trailer, it will take up space in your car or garage but this does collapse down to a reasonable size

The bottom line: 

The Burley D’lite felt like a big upgrade for us. Mostly because we like to take the trailer on dirt paths, gravel roads, and other areas that we go camping on the weekend. The adjustable suspension and reclining seat helped our little guy stay put for longer, with a smile on his face. The seat padding, harness, and headrest are all very premium on this trailer and it always feels good knowing that your kids are safe and comfortable.

We wanted to try out the wheels that came with the trailer on some of the dirt roads and they held up great. No flats and no slipping around! For longer off-road adventures, we’ll definitely swap out for the 3 inch tires Burley makes. The wheels easily interchange with a simple push of  button to release.

The fact that you can convert it into a cargo trailer seals the deal for us. This is what really sets the Burley trailer apart from the competition. Instead of retiring this trailer when the kids outgrow it, you can still get use it for commuting and bike trips.

We’ve used the D’lite trailer on dirt roads, bike paths, as a jogger, and as a stroller. We’ve used it to haul gear. We’ve been really impressed with the quality and comfort built into this trailer, and know our family will use it for years.