Piggyback Rider

Review: The Piggyback Rider
By: Tyler Fontes 

  • Lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • Easy to put on and secure the child harness to the adult harness.
  • The grip on the bar is great to prevent your child from slipping off. 
  • Provides your child with height advantage over your shoulder and give them a great perspective to watch where we are walking/hiking.
  • Can be used almost everywhere including hiking, zoo trips, amusement parks, and festivals.
  • Not ideal for longer more advanced hiking trips with a lot of incline. 
  • Child must remain standing the entire time (does not offer the option for the child to sit down or nap while in use).
  • Even though the weight of the child does push down towards the ground you do feel the bar against your back at times if your child is really short.  But wanted to note that as the child grows the bar lowers below the back line which will eliminate this feeling.

The bottom line:The Piggyback Rider is a great lightweight child carrier option that is easy to use and enjoyable for both the parent and child!

I recently had the opportunity to test out these standing child carriers with our twin boys and we all loved it.  We took our kids on a few hiking trails just outside of the city. It was easy to secure our boys in with the safety harness that clips into the adult carrier harness.  The textured foot bar works great to keep our boys feet gripped down so they don’t just slip off it. The bar is designed to push the weight of the child down towards the ground instead of into your back which is really nice. The bar also gives them height advantage to easily look over our shoulders to watch our hike from a new perspective that backpacks or strollers cannot give.  It is also super lightweight and easy to take with you everywhere. Other great options beyond hiking trips could include special events, zoos, sightseeing, walking around a crowded downtown city, amusement parks, beach walks, and more! It is designed for toddlers ages 2-4 or 50 lbs. We just love how easy it is to safely secure our boys in and just keep on going!