Wisdom from a Wild Child: Part 2

By Louie Garramone

I believe we are all born a little wild.

You’ve heard a thousand stories from parents who are committed to raising the family on outdoor adventure. But what about their kids’ perspectives? In his series “Wisdom from a Wild Child,” Louie Garramone turns to the kids, and asks them why they love being raised wild.

“I love exploring new places and seeing animals, insects, and amazing rocks!”

— Sydney, age 8

(Mom’s) Instagram: @dustydesertdogs

“I like seeing wildlife, and the grass tastes like Mother Nature. Being with family is fun outside and I love fishing and hunting with papa.”

— Gavin

“It’s fun to ski and go down steep hills with my sister, and it’s beautiful when we get to see the sun going down over the mountains.”

— Emma, age 7

“I love being outdoors because I can run wild.”

— Hudson