Shop Secondhand For a Better Tomorrow

By Michelle Flickinger
Photos by Aly Nicklas @alynicklas

The seasons are changing and your children have grown another three inches this year. How is it possible that you already need to replace that practically brand-new, expensive, rain jacket/ski coat/baselayer from just six short months ago? As a mother of two, I know the feeling well . . .

What next? Save some cash by buying the inexpensive off-brand clothes, hoping they don’t fall apart before your kid outgrows them? Or spring for the high-quality brands that you know will last, but can sport a fairly hefty price tag?

I knew there was another, better solution . . . and that’s why Threadlyte was born. Threadlyte is an online secondhand outdoor clothing company where you can find brand name outdoor clothing for men, women, and kids. I started the company with the goal of making it affordable for families to get outside in  high-quality clothing that will stand up to the elements (and hardcore playing). 

I know how hard it can be to rally the troops for outdoor adventures—and how important it is to instill a love of the outdoors in the youth. If Threadlyte can help ensure that more kids are dressed in comfortable, high-quality clothing that will lessen the chance of a mid-trail “I’m cold/wet/hot” meltdown, then we are contributing towards raising a new generation of environmental stewards—and that’s the passion this company was built on.

We all have a responsibility to be aware of how our actions impact the environment, and to do what we can to preserve it for future generations. The clothing industry is notoriously dirty. Textile production requires the use of significant amounts of water, dyes, and chemicals. Millions of pounds of discarded clothes end up in our landfills every year. In buying high-quality clothing, and continuing to wear it until the end of its useful life, we are reducing the demand for new clothing production and keeping textiles out of our landfills. It is easy to see that the benefits of buying secondhand clothing extend beyond the bank.

We chose to make Threadlyte an online operation for many reasons. When you thrift online, you have all the cost saving and environmental benefits of traditional thrifting, but with the added perks of access to inventory acquired from across the country, and shopping from the comfort of your own home. We’ve eliminated the stress of dragging the whole family to the consignment store only to find they don’t have the sizes or styles you need. Everything is taken into inventory and inspected, so you know you are getting exactly the item as described on the website. Our selling process is fast and streamlined as well. We buy up front, which means that once you accept our quote for your items, the check is in the mail.

It’s my hope that Threadlyte will get people thinking (or rethinking) about shopping secondhand for their family’s outdoor clothing, and in turn make buying choices that are better for our planet and future generations.

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