Morgan Brechler

Mother to Hadlie, 5
Living on the open road

My parenting philosophy is a bear, monkey and tiger away from the Jungle Book, but it is of utmost importance to instill a love for the earth in my cub and also inspire other mothers to take their young into nature to experience the nurture that only our planet can provide.

During my childhood I was always found outside, barefoot with unbrushed hair, so when I found out I was pregnant I knew would be the mother to a very wild child. Hadlie is a mini version of myself: dirt loving, mountain crushing, horse crazy and fiery spirited. She truly is born wild and together we are chasing adventure to create lasting family memories.

Memories . . . we hold on to them, we cherish them, we replay them over and over in our minds. I want to make sure my children’s memories take them back to the wild places we went, to the campfires we laughed around and the endless starry nights we spent sleeping under.