Jan Vermilye

Mother to Lia, Wyatt, Shiloh, Morgan, Jesse and Alisa May

Grandmother to Walid, Zaki, Lena, Maceo, Marley, Nina, Ava, Nate, Ginger and Daniel
Current Location: New Yorker living in Lyons, Colorado

love your children for who they are, let them see who you are, and let them go.

I’ve followed a long and wild path. From teaching gymnastics, raising a flock of free-range children, and doing research on earthquake faults to running an Environmental Science department as well as a few marathons, I’ve  always kept following my passions as a guiding principle. After obtaining a doctorate in geology from Columbia University, most of my writing turned seriously academic, with publications in The Journal of Structural Geology, The Journal of Geophysical Research and various other professional journals. However, as I ease out of seismic imaging applications and into professional grandmothering, my  literary expression is taking a turn for the lighter.