Letting Go 

By: Sarah Murdock 

I know the feeling of letting go of expectation and embracing what is. Looking back almost eight years ago . .  . I was in college and pregnant with my first daughter. We had our life planned, we were going to move back home, my mom and I were going to go on walks together in the morning, we would have large extended-family dinners, and our kids would grow up next to family, just like my husband and I had. It was perfectly laid out until my husband received a job opportunity in Alaska. Instantly my world was upside down, and the future looked completely different, but so exciting. I was really nervous about this change, but I didn’t let that override my commitment to it, and I figured out how to embrace it full-heartedly. We ended up living there for seven years. Seven wonderful, life changing, family building, marriage strengthening years. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought our family could grow so strong and united as we did in Alaska. We explored glaciers, summited mountains, traveled all over the state and packed in as many memories as we could. This past year we started to feel like it was time to move on to the next adventure, but nothing seemed to catch until this summer. A job across the continent popped up and fell into place at warp speed. Just like seven years earlier, we were faced with two choices; be afraid of change or go with the flow and embrace the opportunity. As a family we decided to hold hands and jump into our new adventure. Life will never work out like we think it should if we are determined to control every aspect of it, but if we keep an open heart and open mind it can turn into something beyond our wildest dreams.

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