Thule Sonic M Roof Box

Review: Thule Sonic M Roof Box
By: Shannon Robertson 


The bottom line: Awesome component of adventure and critical asset to a larger family hauling lots of gear.


  • Carry more gear, neatly
  • Free up space in your vehicle
  • Easy and manageable roof access, from both sides
  • Sleek and stylish appearance
  • Holds more than you think
  • Locks for added security


  • Haven’t experienced any as of yet

The Thule Sonic M roof box is a critical component of travel and adventure for my family. It allows me to haul two kids, my boyfriend, my dog, and all the gear we need while keeping things comfortable for everyone. To travel efficiently and comfortably, there are a plethora of reasons to free up more accessible space in your rig:

  • You might want to change a baby’s diaper without pulling out or rearranging an arsenal of climbing and camping gear, then having to repack when you’re done.  
  • Or, you might want to be more organized, keeping the necessities close while having  gear stored up top.  
  • OR, if you’re like us and travel with a small home in your vehicle at all times, you just want ALL the space you can possibly get.  

Before having children, I owned a roof box that separated my gear from the rest of my life, which was sometimes spent sleeping in my vehicle.  And now with children, traveling with several people and all of us being involved in many different sports, we need all the room we can get to load up a massive amount of fun. We can store tubs of climbing gear, plus our two individual Thule bike trailers for our kids, all in our Sonic M. Then, we will load up the back of the truck with all of our luggage, camping gear, toys and so on, then load our bikes on the hitch with our Thule bike rack and we are set!  Thule’s roof boxes are rugged and tough.  They open from both sides of the vehicle which makes for very efficient and easy access.  They also lock which allows you to feel comfortable leaving expensive gear on your roof. The Sonic M is a great way to make space on the road!