We are the Arctic

Our wild places need protection now more than ever—today we’re asking for you to take a minute to learn about a place that really needs your help.

Alaska is special place for the Born Wild crew—one of our founders, Aly Nicklas, grew up there (that’s her in her pops backpack as a little one), and the 19 million acres that create the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a place that should be special to everyone, whether or not we’ve ever visited it.

The coastal plain of ANWR, what biologists call the “biological heart” of the Arctic Refuge, is a critical habitat for caribou herds—it’s where they migrate yearly to bear their young. For years big oil has wanted to get their hands on it, an action that would have grave consequences for these animals. Keeping these lands healthy, untouched and wild for the wildlife, our children and future generations far outweighs any short term gain from oil drilling.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Care2 to help spread the word about this important piece of wilderness that needs your protection. In 2015 the Obama administration passed a management plan that would designate millions of acres as wilderness (and thus off-limits to oil and gas) and today we’re asking you to take a minute of your time and sign this petition urging Obama to protect these wildlands while he still can.

Sign the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/570/633/747/

Learn more about this issue by watching the Patagonia trailer here: